Wiring & Electrical Test

Wiring & Electrical Test

Repairing wiring and electrical problems is time consuming and expensive because only the best tech's with years of experience can diagnose it properly.

There are 3 circumstances that compound the problem.

  1. Wrecked in the past
  2. Over 15 years old.
  3. High mileage (over 100,000 miles)

There are 3 basic types of wiring problems.

  1. An open break in the wire or connector.
  2. A short, two or more melted or bare wires that are passing current to each other.
  3. A ground problem, a wire that is not grounded to the body or frame properly.

    The tech may have to use test equipment under the hood, the dash, or inside the fender. They may have to lower the wiring looms which are plastic tubes that hold 40 different wires. We sometimes must remove the main computer, a relay or a module to perform the wiring test or repair.

    We will give you an estimate but we may have to do some repairs before we can find all the damaged wires or parts.

    Computers, relays, modules and the sensors that feed them information make it complex. An electrical component can be damaged because of the wiring problem or visa-versa.

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