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Print this contest page along with your answers to all the questions.
Bring to MOTORTECH c/o Larry Walters
Include all the correct answers and win a prize...

NOTE: All answers are found in this website

  1. What year did Larry Walters take over the Family Business?
  2. Larry is certified in what?
  3. What TEAM does Larry belong to?
  4. What does MOTORTECH specialize in?
  5. Name the three types of auto repairs.
  6. What is the #1 lie in the auto repair business?
  7. What were the names of the two brothers that worked at the family gas station, who were NOT a Walters?
  8. What is the name of the facility that currently sits on the location of the family's first gas station?
  9. What are the three types of auto repair noises?
  10. What is the 4 letter abbreviation for the Gas Vapor System used in most cars today?
  11. What years was Larry the President of the Falls Chamber of Commerce?
  12. What was the address of Larry's first "MOTORTECH" location?

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