The Walters Family History in Auto Repair

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Bill's Sohio - Bill Walters started the family business with Bill's Sohio Gas Station at the corner of Cuyahoga Falls Avenue and Gorge Boulevard on Akron's North Hill in 1950

Bill Walters liked racing cars, so his father William H. Walters helped him pursue his dreams of making a living working on cars during the week and racing on the weekends. Bill kept his wild driving on the tracks of Barberton and Cloverleaf Speedways. He was called "Wild Bill" and his race car was a black Chevrolet, #55. He also had another car he used for figure eight racing and wrecking. The crowds loved it when he wrecked his car and rolled it over for the fans. He was a good race car driver, but a better bowler and his son Mark and grandson Mark junior inherited his bowling prowess.

Bill Walters started the family business in 1950 when he opened Bill's Sohio at the corner of Cuyahoga Falls Avenue and Gorge Boulevard, on Akron's North Hill. Larry remembers standing on a chair and playing pinball at that gas station. Bill opened his second gas station, Bill's Pure Oil Station in Cuyahoga Falls in 1955. It was at the corner of Front Street and Sackett. Bill opened his third gas station in 1960, named Bill's Front and Bailey Shell, which is now a donut shop.

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Bill Walters opens his third gas station in 1960 named Bill's Front Street Bailey Shell

The Walters' family had everybody starting from the ground up, cleaning the service bays, pumping gasoline and mounting tires", says Larry. All of the Walters boys worked at the Shell Station including, Ken Walters, Mark Walters, Pat Walters and Mike Walters. They worked with Greg and Louie Polovick, Bruce Bowen and Dave Shearer, to name a few. Larry Walters started working at the Shell station on weekends, while he was attending High School from 1965 to 1967. Larry later attended the University of Akron and worked part time as a mechanic and gas pump jockey at the Shell Station. "I always liked the fast pace of the gas station" says Larry. "One of my jobs involved setting our gas prices one penny lower than our competitor across the street, which at that time was 15 to 20 cents a gallon".

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On The Move - Motormate

Larry pursed other jobs after leaving college, but never fit in. Mark Walters took over the family business when Bill had health problems, but he gave away too much free pop, so he decided to pursue another career. Larry Walters, Dave Shearer and Greg Polovick originally bought the family business in 1976. they could not make a deal with Shell Oil, so they moved the business to Allen Road and then later to Graham Road. Larry attended the Delco Training Center and Cuyahoga Valley Vocational school to learn more about diagnostic auto systems. He had several A.S.E. certifications but stopped working on cars years ago to focus on management and customer service. He merged his business with a competitor, John Tynan in 1966 and eventually bought John's interest in the business.

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Larry recently made a deal to construct a new building, right next door to the original location which was purchased by the CVS Pharmacy. The new facility opened in September of 2009. "Our new 4 bay service center will have the latest computer equipment, a larger showroom and reception area, and best of all, We Will Be Able To Service Cars Faster" says Larry. The MOTORTECH Customer Surveys tell us it is important to our customers to get their cars back on the road fast. With the Walters family experience, a crew of S.A.E. certified mechanics and a brand new facility, they are on track for a great future as a leader in the auto repair business.

Larry has been active in the community his entire life. He is the past President of the Cuyahoga Falls Chamber of Commerce and a past president of the Falls Rotary Club. Larry is a Certified Toastmaster and enjoys speaking about the auto industry. Larry is currently the program Director of TEAM, a business leads group. Larry enjoys golfing, hiking and radio controlled cars. Larry has been married to Debbie for 33 years and they reside in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio.

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