Why Pay For Testing

Why do I have to pay you to test or inspect my vehicle if I'm giving you the repairs to do?

The old-fashioned idea of an educated guess is outdated

Because all repairs require a time consuming inspection or test to determine what is causing the problem. There are 3 factors that drive up the cost of testing...

  1. Complex, modern vehicles with a lot of electronics
  2. High paid mechanics and costly benefits
  3. Expensive computer test equipment

We guarantee that the expensive parts we replace will cure your complaint.

Example: A noise complaint like a rattle requires lifting the vehicle and having a mechanic spend time looking for loose or damaged parts. The inspection is not highly technical and therefore is usually not costly to diagnose but can be costly to repair.

Example: A problem like stalling, poor starting or an E-Check failure requires performing several time consuming tests using expensive equipment to come up with scientific figures that show a voltage or signal problem with a sensor, a defective part, or a wiring problem. The tests can be time consuming, the equipment is expensive, and repairing electronics is almost always expensive.

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