Why No Free Estimate

There is a huge difference between a free estimate and an inspection or testing.

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A free estimate involves researching our price books for the fees of a repair or service. We must know what parts need replaced or what services need to be performed. It is not difficult and therefore free.

An inspection or testing involves raising your vehicle on a lift and having a mechanic inspect it or attaching diagnostic equipment and having a technician perform a series of tests. We diagnose the complete system not just one defective part.

  • A team of A.S.E. certified professionals
  • Modern computer testing equipment
  • Accurate technical information
  • Family experience since 1950

A thorough inspection or accurate testing prevents us from replacing the wrong parts, so it saves you money in the long run.

We have a list of Routine Preventative Maintenance services that have menu pricing. The PM list shows what items should be done, when & why...

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