Car Clinic

Free Clinics, Car Shows, Helpful Information & More!

Ladies Night...First Tuesday Quarterly...February-May-August-November

  1. Auto Answer Hand-Outs...Free hand-outs that explain all about car systems, consumer protection and much much more.
  2. Learn how to check fluids on your car.
  3. What does the Check Engine Light mean?
  4. Learn the warning signs of an impeding breakdown.
  5. Gourmet Coffee, Tea & Chocolates.

The Best 10 year old Used Car Show

  1. To be scheduled for June - t.b.a.
  2. Cars from local dealers
  3. Test driving
  4. Recommendations from a mechanic
  5. What the Kelly Blue Book says it is worth.
  6. Put them on the lift for a mechanic inspection.

Convertible Car Show

  1. To be scheduled for July - t.b.a.

R.C. Car Show & Racing

  1. To be scheduled for August - t.b.a
  2. Radio Controlled Model Cars
  3. Sale, Trade, & Race

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