Tune Up vs Diagnosis

Tune Up vs Diagnosis

If you have a problem with stalling, poor starting, or hesitation, a tune up will not cure your complaint on most vehicles. We will need to test it so we can replace only the parts you need and not waste your money.

There are 3 types of tune-ups on today's computer controlled and fuel injection vehicles.

  1. The Basic Tune Up... it includes replacing the spark plugs and a search for fault codes in the computer. There are several different spark plugs available that are designed to last longer, including platinum, double platinum and iridium.
  2. The Complete Tune Up...it includes replacing the spark plugs and the plug wires, plug boots, or secondary ignition parts. (Remember the spark plug choices.)
  3. The Fuel System Tune Up...it includes fuel injection service and a new fuel filter. The fuel system is as important as the ignition system today. Fuel injection service includes testing the fuel system and cleaning it. Ask for a fuel injection handout sheet.

There are 3 types of performance problems

  1. A constant problem that can be reproduced consistently
  2. An intermittent problem that exists under certain conditions that the customer knows how to reproduce.
  3. Random problems that can happen at any time and under any condition. The customer cannot tell us how to reproduce this type of problem. This type of problem often requires detailed testing called a circuit test.

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