Top Lie About Car Repairs

Top Lie About Car Repairs

TOP #1 Lie - All Parts Are The Same

Almost every part for your vehicle can be made with cheaper quality material and cheaper labor in a foreign country. At MOTORTECH we screen suppliers for parts that have VALUE... Value = Worth, Importance, To rate at a certain price...

Some discount repair shops only offer you the cheapest parts they can find anywhere in the world. Some even offer a lifetime warranty to keep you coming back to them.

We offer "Your Choice Pricing" where you can choose the price and warranty that you want. On most vehicles we give you a choice between our standard warranty parts, a budget line of parts or the premium-new parts.

Our Standard Warranty is 12 months or 12,000 miles, whichever comes first. On Premium Quality Parts, we offer a 36 month or 36,000 mile warranty. We can sometimes save you money by installing lower priced Budget Parts that come with a 3 month or 3000 mile warranty.

We like to sell quality, brand name parts like MOOG and NAPA, because of their reliability. When it comes to starters and alternators we prefer to not use the cheap parts.

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