Top 3 Lies About Car Repairs

Top Lie About Car Repairs

Top 3 Lies About Car Repairs

  1. Parts are all the same...and the only difference between auto shops is their hours and their prices.

    TRUTH=There is a HUGE difference between Quality Parts and cheap parts and the labor to install either one is the same. There's a huge difference between experienced tech's diagnosing your car and new people changing parts.

  2. New Car Dealers say you must use them for all your repairs and service or your warranty is void.

    TRUTH= You can go wherever you want for all maintenance, such as filters, flushes and tune ups according to Title 15-50, Sec.2301 of Federal Code.

  3. Code Reading is easy to do and shows which bad parts turn on your dash lights or cause your car to stall.

    TRUTH= Code reading rakes just minutes because it doesn't pinpoint the defective parts. Accurate Testing takes an A.S.E. Certified Tech an hour using expensive equipment to analyze your vehicle and give you a repair guarantee.

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