Timing Belts

Timing Belts

Avoid Engine Damage with a New Timing Belt

If the timing belt breaks, the engine valves can be damaged costing possibly $1500.00 or more to repair. If a timing belt driven water pump seizes, the same thing can happen.

Most manufacturers suggest replacing the timing belt at about 80,000 miles. We suggest replacing the water pump also, if it is driven by the timing belt.

The Timing Belt connects the center of the engine (cam and valves) to the bottom of the engine (crankshaft and pistons).

The timing belt and water pump wear with age and mileage. On many cars the timing belt also turns the Water Pump. The water pump is susceptible to internal bearing damage from contaminated antifreeze that becomes acidic with age.

The Timing Belt Tensioner and the Belt Pulley both keep the belt tight and wear out with age and may also need replaced.

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