Smooth Ride Struts & Shocks

Smooth Ride Struts & Shocks

Smooth Ride & Safe Handling

Struts & Shocks wear out with age and mileage. The smooth ride deteriorates slowly and becomes noticeable after about 3 years. The strut and shocks do two main jobs...They keep the tires safely on the ground when hitting bumps and they slow down the up and down motion caused by the springs which hold the vehicle at the proper height. Bad struts and shocks will cause your brakes to work poorly, wear out your tires, in addition to riding rough or giving you a feeling of floating at highway speeds.

The Strut Bearing Plate is mounted above the strut on most vehicles. Bad plates make growing and cause the strut to bind. Your vehicle may need the plates replaced when we do the struts. There is no extra labor if they are done at the same time.

The Springs hold the entire vehicle up at the proper height. They wear out with age and cause the vehicle to sag or sit lower than normal. Bad springs will wear out your struts and shocks prematurely. They may need to be replaced with the shocks or struts. There is no extra labor if they are done at the same time.

On some vehicles there are stabilizer link bushings that may need replaced at the same time, because of dry rot and age. Bad bushings will cause noises and cause swaying.

On most vehicles the alignment is affected whenever the struts are replaced. You will need to have an alignment performed to make your vehicle steer straight and avoid premature tire wear.

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