Radiator Flush

Radiator Flush

Radiator Coolant or Antifreeze Flush

The chemicals in your vehicles antifreeze wears out with age and mileage and becomes contaminated with gases and rust that make the antifreeze acidic.

Antifreeze does three main jobs and contains three main chemicals

  1. Prevents liquid from freezing....alcohol or equivalent
  2. Prevents parts from rusting...rust inhibitor or equivalent
  3. Lubricates water pump bearing...silicone or equivalent

Contaminated antifreeze will destroy the 5 main components of the cooling system which are...

  1. The Radiator
  2. The Water Pump
  3. The Heater Core
  4. The Hoses
  5. The Thermostat

Flush the radiator and cooling system every three years or 36,000 miles and every other year on older high mileage vehicles. Our technicians will test for leaks, drain the radiator, flush the system and refill it with new antifreeze.

Some manufacturers make exaggerated claims about how long antifreeze lasts

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