Problem Vehicles

Problem Vehicles

Some vehicles have several different problems that will not show up with our initial test or inspection. It may need further testing or an additional inspection to discover the defective parts or needed service.

If you vehicle has two or more of the following conditions, it fits that profile.

  • It's an economy car
  • It has over 100,000 miles
  • It's over 12 years old

Some vehicles that are driven only short trips can develop serious problems because of a lack of preventive maintenance. A short trip vehicle can become undependable, even though it's not very old and doesn't have high mileage.

Ask for a copy of our Preventative Maintenance Schedule, which shows what should be done, when and why. It also contains a list of common failure items that you may be forced to fix even though you did the proper maintenance.

The quality of parts that have been replaced in the past also has a big impact on the dependability of your vehicle.

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