Price Comparing

Price Comparing

When comparing prices make sure the parts and services are the same and they include the cost of testing, fluids and tax.

  1. Are they giving you the total out the door price?...No one can give you an accurate phone estimate until they have inspected or tested your vehicle. Some shops omit certain fees in their estimate to coax you in. Many add 2% to 8% on your bill after the estimate for shop supplies like floor mats and shop rags while others may give guess estimates. There are only 3 reasons to give you a guess estimate, either inexperienced, or they're lazy or deceiving.
  2. Did they explain exactly what they are going to do?...Our estimate will probably include more work that the other phone quote you receive. Example: Our price for a new water pump to cure a leak will include a radiator flush to remove all the old contaminated antifreeze. Our quote also includes the cost of testing , antifreeze and sales tax. Some repair shops will quote a rebuilt pump instead of a new one and the labor but no test fees, no antifreeze, no flushing or no sales tax.
  3. What test results can they show you?...We have new computer equipment with a printout, a diagnostic sheet or statistics of our test results. Free testing usually means no testing or an educated guess that can end up costing you more money.
  4. What is the warranty and what does it cover?...Our warranty is 12 months or 12,000 miles. We sometimes offer a 36 month - 36,000 mile warranty on premium parts. A warranty that is not documented on your invoice is usually a poor one or for parts only.
  5. Are they using brand name parts like Delco or NAPA?...MOTORTECH does the research for you by scrutinizing the suppliers. We choose the best parts for the price. Almost every parts made is available in a lower quality no name brand with a poor warranty.

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