Noisy Muffler

Noisy Muffler

Your exhaust system contains 5 main parts

  1. Manifold Pipe
  2. Flex Pipe
  3. Catalytic Converter
  4. Exhaust Pipe
  5. Muffler

Loud exhausts can come from any of the above five areas. The exhaust system will rust and leak because of road vibration, engine heat, engine gasses and moisture. If your vehicle has the original exhaust it may need all new parts the first time because the system is welded together from the factory.

Some newer vehicles use a flex pipe or flexible pipe made of standard stainless steel to reduce engine vibration. The flex pipe will break apart internally and make a lot of noise but looks just fine.

If your vehicle runs poorly, it can clog the converter and muffler and cause a severe lack of power.

A computer sensor called an oxygen sensor is bolted into the exhaust and may rust into place, preventing us from reusing it. Many vehicles have more than one sensor.

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