Noise Diagnosis

Noise Diagnosis

Please describe the noise you hear from the list below

  • High Pitched - Low Pitched
  • Under the Car - Under the Hood
  • Front - Rear - Left - Right

When applying the brakes OR turning the wheel?

Bang, Clunk, Grind, Growl, Hiss, Knock, Rattle, Squeal, Squeak, Tick, Whine, Whop

There are 3 basic types of noise problems

  1. Constant...noise that can be reproduced consistently
  2. Intermittent...noise that exists under certain conditions that the customer knows how to reproduce
  3. Random... noise that can happen at any time under any condition. The customer can not tell us how to reproduce this type of noise We will do a Basic Inspection to find the noises, but since they travel through other parts they can be difficult to isolate.

    Your vehicle may have more than 1 noise and we may have to cure one before we can isolate another. If your vehicle has tire road noise, we must cure that problem first. We may need to use our Electronic detector to find unusual noises.

    Our tech may suggest that we torque bolts or replace some worn parts, even though we cannot guarantee that they are causing the noise your hear, but they are a potential problem. We may suggest you come back when the noise becomes more prevalent, but you must pay for today's inspection.

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