MOTORTECH Tests vs Parts Stores

MOTORTECH Tests vs Parts Stores

What's the Difference

There is a difference between the way MOTORTECH tests your vehicle and the Parts Stores or Quick Lube Shops

MOTORTECH... We pay an A.S.E. Certified Technician to perform an analysis using expensive equipment...

  1. A $ 6000 computer scanner that reads voltage signals sine waves, sensor signals and computer codes.
  2. A $ 9000 4 channel oscilloscope for measuring ignition voltage and sensor wave forms.
  3. A $ 2800 EVAP System gas vapor leak tester.
  4. A $ 900 fuel pressure tester.
  5. A $ 700 gas cap pressure tester.

It takes an average 90 minutes or more, and we guarantee out repairs will cure your complaint.

Parts Stores & Quick Lube Shops

They pay someone a lesser wage to read computer codes using a $ 45.00 code reader.... It takes 5 minutes.

They will not guarantee that the parts they sell you or the ones they suggest will cure your problem

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