Global Warming

How Can I Reduce the Effects

Choose a Higher Mileage Vehicle

  • Buy a front wheel drive vehicle instead of a 4 wheel drive or rear wheel drive vehicle that wastes a lot more gas.
  • Buy a 4 cylinder engine instead of a gas guzzling V-8 or V-6. Demand a vehicle that gets 40 miles per gallon.
  • But a smaller vehicle, you can get by with less space.

Change Your Driving Habits

  • STOP idling your car at the drive-thru... park and walk into the building-you need the exercise.
  • STOP driving to the store three times a week-you know what you need so make fewer trips and save gas & money.
  • STOP driving the kids that short trip up the street - walking is good for them, the environment and your wallet.

Maintain Your Vehicle

  • Keep your tires filled, rotated and aligned
  • Get a tune-up and a fuel mileage inspection
  • Don't continue to drive with a check engine light on

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