Gasoline Leaks or Smells

Gasoline Leaks or Smells

Most gas leaks are rusted-out fuel lines that run from the tank to the engine or leaks from the tank sender tubes.

Gasoline can also leak from a rusted out in line filter, the gas tank itself or the fuel injectors. We must repair the obvious leak, then inspect for other leaks. Occasionally we repair a leaking line which restores the full pressure, and then we also find the tank or sender tubes leaking.

A strong gas smell without an obvious leak can come from the EVAP System which is also called the Gas Vapor System. It consists of a charcoal canister, several check valves or solenoids and the lines and hoses. With this type of problem, we perform a Smoke Machine Vapor Test to isolate the vapor leak or gas smell.

We will inspect your vehicle from the front to back to locate the leak, and give you an estimate for the repairs. Leak repairs can be expensive because everything underneath is rusted and the lines twist and turn along the frame and under the fender panels. We may have to remove or lower the gas tank to repair rusted out lines.

You must replace the external mounted gas filter if you have rusted parts that leak. We also suggest fuel injection service to help flush the rust debris from the system and prevent the fuel injectors from failing and costing you extra money

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