Gasoline or Fuel Additives

Gasoline or Fuel Additives

Gas additives...Some parts stores, gas stations and television infomercial's tell you to add an extra strength fuel injector cleaner to your gas with each fill up. They claim it will improve your cars power and fuel mileage...BUNK!!!

If you take the $2.95 you would WASTE on a gas additive and put it towards fuel injection service and a new fuel filter, you will honestly get the results you want!!!


  • $2.95 extra per fill up
  • Every other week or 26 times a year (sometimes weekly or 52 times a year)
  • $2.95 x 26 = $76.70 per year
  • 3 years worth of wasted additives = $230.10
  • Fuel injection service & a new fuel filter = $199.75
  • You Save $30.35 and the job gets done right!

Professional Fuel Injection Service Includes...

  • Testing the vacuum pressure and fuel pressure
  • Testing the fuel regulator and a leak down test
  • Cleaning the idle control motor and throttle plates
  • Flushing the fuel rail and injector filter basket
  • Removing the varnish, carbon and contaminates from the intake and the combustion chamber

Save yourself some money and get your vehicle running right!

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