Gas Savings

Gas Savings

Gas Savings vs Maintenance Costs

  • Average Car Use = 12,000 Miles Per Year
  • Average Miles Per Gallon = 20 MPG
  • Average Cost of Gas = $2.50 Per Gallon
  • 12,000 = miles per year divided by 20 mpg = 600 gallons of gas
  • 545 gallons of gas used per year instead of 600 would save 55 gallons of gas per year or $137.50
  • If you spent $137.50 per year in vehicle maintenance, such as a tune-up or fuel injection service that netted you a 2 MPG increase, you would get all your investment money back in gas savings or FREE repairs!
  • Ask for our list of Gas-Saving maintenance items such as an alignment, thermostat, tune-up, fuel injection and air & fuel filters. We will correct your tire pressure FREE!

Keeping your vehicle tuned up and running smooth can save you time and money in the long run.

Trust MOTORTECH with your vehicles repairs and get it done right!

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