Fuel Injection Service

More Power - Better Mileage

Reduces Pollution - Smoother Idle

All modern vehicles use fuel injection to spray gas into the engine instead of the old style carburetor that poured gas. A clean fuel injector sprays gas in a fine vapor like the "Windex" bottle you use at home. A dirty fuel injector pours gas like a leaking shower head in your bathroom.

FUEL INJECTION CLEANING will remove the power robbing contaminates in your engine and fuel system. It can give you better gas mileage, faster acceleration, a smoother idle and help reduce air pollution. You may not get those results if you need to cure complaints like stalling or a rough idle. Fuel injection cleaner removes the varnish, carbon and contaminates from the intake and the combustion chamber.

Complete Fuel Injection Cleaning Includes

  • Testing the vacuum pressure and fuel pressure
  • Testing the fuel regulator and a leak down test
  • Cleaning the idle control motor and throttle plates
  • Flushing the fuel rail and injector filter baskets
Fuel Injection Service Can Reduce Air Pollution

If your injectors are not working properly you may be adding to global warming and air pollution.

Let MOTORTECH get your vehicle running better, reduce your gas bills and keep our air clean.

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