Fluid Leaks

Fluid Leaks

Warning...Severe Damage can occur from LEAKS

OIL LEAKS...Black Fluid...The leaks can occur from the valve covers or head gasket, oil pan, filter adapter, main seals, timing cover, pressure switch, filter and drain plug. We do a clean and dye test to remove the old oil and find the leaks. Leaks can cause low oil pressure & ruin the entire engine.

ANTIFREEZE LEAKS...Green, Orange or Yellow Fluid...Leaks can occur from the water pump, radiator, heater hose core, hoses and several gaskets. We test the complete system including the radiator fan. Overheating can ruin the entire engine.

POWER STEERING LEAKS...Pink or Clear Fluid...The leaks can come from the pump, rack, cooler, gearbox or hoses. We clean the components to find the leaks. Leaks can permanently damage the steering pump.

TRANSMISSION LEAKS...Pink Fluid...Leaks can come from the front or rear seal, governor seal, pan gasket, cooler lines or the cooler. Leaks can damage the transmission.

GASOLINE LEAKS...Clear Fluid with a Strong Smell...Leaks can occur at the tank, lines, hoses, filter, injectors, regulator or sending unit. We lift your vehicle and inspect the system. Leaks make some people sick and can cause fire.

BRAKE FLUID...Clear-Blue Fluid..Leaks come from the lines, hoses, calipers, cylinders and master cylinder. We inspect the entire system. Your brake pedal can go to the floor.

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