E Check and Clean Air

E Check and Clean Air

How to Improve the Chances that You Will Pass E Check

MOTORTECH Auto Center suggests that you do the following to improve the chances that you will pass E Check...

  • Make sure the check engine light is OFF. Your vehicle will not pass E Check with the light on.
  • Drive the vehicle long enough to get the engine warm and don't shut it off while you are waiting in line.
  • Have an auto shop make sure the exhaust is in good shape, in case they need to connect an exhaust hose for the tests.
  • Replace the gas cap if your vehicle is 6 or more years old. A defective cap leaks gas fumes, which pollutes the air and causes your car to fail the tests.

There are several maintenance services that you can do to make your vehicle more dependable and improve the chances that it will pass.

Please consider the following maintenance...

  • A new thermostat for better heat
  • A new gas cap to reduce air pollution
  • A basic tune-up for better performance
  • Fuel injection service and new filters for better mileage

You can postpone the repairs until after you fail if your vehicle already runs bad because all the money you spend on repairs, applies toward a waiver if you need one. You will have to go back for the tests again after the repairs.

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