Contaminated Gas, Winter Summer Gas

Contaminated Gas, Winter Summer Gas

Winter Summer Gas

Gasoline can become contaminated with dirt, rust and biological elements. It can happen with the manufacturer, storage facility, transporter or retailer and end up in your gas tank. We see many fuel pumps fail because of contaminated gas and clogged fuel filters.

In Ohio there are no regulations for fuel quality so some of the manufacturers dump their suspicious fuel supplies here. In June the Akron Beacon Journal published an article about the contaminated gasoline that the county discovered when they tested samples from several gas stations.

When diagnosing a performance complaint or a check engine light problem, we may suggest that you replace your fuel filter, service the fuel injection system and sometimes flush your fuel tank to remove the contamination.

WINTER GAS...In Ohio and other parts of the United States the gasoline manufacturers are required by law to put additives in our gasoline during the winter months that makes the fuel more volatile, which makes the engine run better. It also improves the exhaust gases that pollute the air and cause health problems. However, winter gas used in the warm spring or fall weather can cause problems like engine ping, a check engine light and exhaust sulfur smell.

Contaminated Gas can ruin your $500.00 fuel pump and clog your fuel filter, cause a rough idle, stalling and poor starting.

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