Brake Service

Brake Service

The most common problems are listed below...

  • Worn out pads or shoes that damage the rotors or drums
  • Caliper hardware that binds and wears out the pads
  • Wheel cylinders that leak from age or sticking brakes
  • Lines that rust through and leak or hoses that rupture

Brake Rotors...must pass the following three inspections

  1. Thickness...must be a minimum width or thickness
  2. Surface...must have no rust pits after being re-machined
  3. Air Fins...must be rust free and solid in order to cool the brakes as you drive. if they are rusted they will warp and pulse

Keywords for Brake Repair Service

Caliper pieces that support the caliper and makes it slide back and forth smoothly. They may need replaced

Wheel is used with a drum brake system and brake shoes. The cylinder can leak or bind, requiring replacement

Brake Drums...if they are worn too much, the pedal will be low and the cylinder can leak. They must be machined or replaced

Drum Hardware...these springs and clips hold the shoes in the proper position. Must be replaced with each drum brake job

Lines & Hoses...they connect the master cylinder to the calipers or wheel cylinders, They leak with age and must be replaced

Brake Fluid...must be clean and moisture free. it may need to be flushed out of the system and replaced with new pushes the brake pads against the rotor. It can leak or bind internally requiring replacement with a brake job

Master holds the fluid and transfers pressure to the calipers or cylinders. it can be damaged when you have a leak

Parking engages the rear brakes to prevent roll aways. The cables rust and stretch with age and need lubed or replaced

ABS System... Automatic Braking System is a computer controlled anti skid system to keep the wheels from locking up when braking. It has several valves and sensors that we can test with a computer scanner. Many ABS failures are sensors

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