Brake Lines & Leaks

Brake Lines & Leaks

Brake lines rust out...Wheel cylinders, calipers and hoses wear out with age and all of them can start leaking fluid. When this happens, the brake pedal will go almost to the floor and the light will come on. If you have a leak for a long time it can ruin the master cylinder or the ABS unit.

If you have a low brake pedal because of a brake fluid leak, we must do an inspection and free the purge or bleeder screws before we can give you an accurate estimate.

  • First we perform a complete inspection of the system including removing all 4 wheels and inspecting the brake lining, the hoses, the master cylinder, the calipers, the wheel cylinders and the brake lines.
  • Next we heat and open the purge screws or bleeder screws so we can purge the air from the system, after we repair the leak. If the purge screws do not open because of age and mileage, we must install new wheel cylinders or calipers.
  • We remove the old lines and install new lines and fittings. This sounds easy but most vehicles are rusted and we must use a torch to get everything apart. It is time consuming and a very dirty job because the undercarriage is rusted and the lines twist and turn along the frame or under the fender.
  • We then flush all the old contaminated brake fluid out of the master cylinder, lines, hoses, wheel cylinders and calipers and fill the system with new fluid.
  • We purge the system or bleed the air from the system and road test it for performance.

After all the repairs, we pressure test for leaks in the master cylinder caused by running the system low on fluid. We also pressure test for additional weak lines, hoses and cylinders which can develope new leaks after the initial leak has been repaired.

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