Avoid Breakdowns & Towing

Avoid Breakdowns & Towing

Frequently Failing Parts & the Problems They Cause

  • Alternator ...Won't keep the battery charged.
  • Crank & Cam Sensor ...Stalling & Poor Starting.
  • Fan Belt idler & Tensioner...Noises & Belt Failure
  • Fuel Pump ...Causes stalling or no start.
  • Idle Motor...Causes stalling & high or low idling.
  • Stabilizer Links...Causes rattling and shimmy.
  • Ball Joints/Tie Rods...Causes weaving & tire wear.

These recommendations are based on the average driver that acquires about 12,000 miles per year of city driving.

If most of your driving is highway miles, then you should extend the mileage intervals for the above scheduled maintenance.

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