Are You At Risk For A Breakdown

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At Risk for a Vehicle Breakdown or Tow

Research shows that repairing your car or truck after a breakdown can cost you Twice As Much Money as doing the Scheduled Maintenance to prevent it.

The #1 reason for a vehicle breakdown and needing towed is over heating caused by an antifreeze leak. Avoid lost time, towing, and engine damage with maintenance.

Check Boxes That Apply

  • _____It's 10 years old or more.
  • _____It has OVER 100,000 miles.
  • _____It's an economy car or sports car.
  • _____It's driven on mostly short trips in town.
  • _____It's used by a young driver occasionally.
  • _____The previous owner gave me no maintenance records.

If you checked off 3 or more of the above items, you should ask for one of our maintenance schedules and have us explain what services are the most important to Avoid Expensive Repairs.

Important Maintenance Items Listed Below

  • Radiator Flush & New Antifreeze
  • New Fan Belts & Radiator Hoses
  • Tire Rotation & Wheel Alignment
  • Transmission Fluid & Filter Change
  • New Timing Belt & Water Pump

Don't Forget to have your OIL CHANGED

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