Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning

A Quality Air Conditioning Job is important on a hot July day when you want ICE COLD AIR blowing. Your A/C may blow warm air because of a leak in one of the 5 main components or the hoses that connect them. You vehicle may have a full charge of Freon but a defective valve or switch.

Our A/C System Analysis includes connecting our Test Equipment to your vehicle to measure the pressure and test the controls. If the analysis shows that your vehicle is low on Freon, we must perform an additional Dye Test to isolate the leak. After testing and repairing the problem, we must perform a Full Recharge by pumping out all the moisture and refilling it with Freon to make it Ice Cold.

Full Service includes a System Analysis, a Dye Leak Test and a Full Recharge. You also receive a Free retest because some leaks are too small to find initially, but become traceable after using the A/C for at least 2 hours or after one week. You must use the Free retest to have any warranty and detect any additional leaks.

Budget Service includes only the analysis and refilling the Freon, but no Leak Test or recharge, therefore it will not be completely cold and there is no Free retest or warranty.

Warning: We do not warranty Freon that leaks out of a hose or a part that we did not replace. On older vehicles we can repair one leak and have another leak develope later.

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