Accurate Engine Testing

Accurate Engine Testing and Diagnosis is Important

Most tests cost between $54.97 and $98.95

If it runs good and it does not have a gas vapor leak, but the dash warning light is on, we do a partial test called a Scanner test for $54.97. Code reading is easy & free.

If it runs bad, starts poorly, stalls or has failed E-check, we perform a Complete Engine Analysis and Scanner Test for $98.95. It includes a scanner test, a fuel pressure test and a sensor waver-form test. If it has a gas vapor leak, we perform a gas cap test, a solenoid / sensor test and an EVAP smoke leak test.

There are intermittent and random electrical problems that require a Circuit Test – that costs an additional $54.97

There are 4 systems to test using 7 pieces of equipment.

  1. Ignition = spark plugs, plug wires, coils and several sensors.
  2. Computer & Sensors = oxygen, mass air, crank, & throttle.
  3. Fuel & Emissions parts = valves, solenoids, injectors & etc.
  4. Engine and Transmission = mechanical & electrical parts.

There are 3 types of engine performance problems.

Constant = this problem is always there and can be described easily

Intermittent = this problem occurs once in a while, but you know how to describe the conditions, like stalling on a cold engine.

RandomTHE WORST = occurs under all types of conditions and requires a Full Analysis and maybe a circuit test.

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