3 Types of Repairs

3 Types of Repairs for Your Car or Light Truck

We Define All Types of Repairs Under One of These 3 Classifications...

  1. Needed.... The parts or service that needs to be done today to cure your complaint, make your vehicle perform properly and make it safe. These services are the minimum that must be done.
  2. Required...The parts or service that will make the needed repairs last and avoid further damages. EXAMPLE: the car overheats because of a leaking water pump, but the radiator hoses and thermostat are original and may also start leaking.
  3. Preventative Maintenance...This list of services should be performed because of the AGE & MILEAGE ONLY...They are listed in your owners manual as normal scheduled maintenance.

NOTE: Sometimes we cannot do partial repairs because of the existing damages or the potential for a safety hazard. We give you the option whenever possible.

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